Thesis in progress by Dongyue Zhang


Water is the medium of visual construct.


It is void when it is transparent; 

              when it is the white space on paper;

              when it is in shadow. 

It is solid when it is frozen;

               when it is reflects our narcissist self; 

               when it is in its infinity.


Its ambiguity in depth,

its imagination in mind

grasps creatures mind with pure affection.


Water is the identical twin of air.

We dwell on the ground with air.

Water shelters our imagination.

Can this affection as visual construct be transcended into where we dwell?


I grew up near the water. Even though I have moved from place to place, water has always been there. I thought water is particularly special for me, but I came to realize the phenomenon of water is what we as human beings long for. We strive to dwell in spaces that embodies its affection. We receive its imagery with eyes, and we endorse it with our touch. Its encounter with body by arousing the mind. I intend to achieve a realization of a kind of architecture that transpose the phenomenon of water.